My front garden (photo by author).

Noise, chemicals, wasted water, meaningless space. That’s what lawns make me think of.

Four years ago, I published a story here called, Death to The Lawn because I hoped that readers would be inspired to create something more meaningful than a high-maintenance green carpet that not only ruins your Saturdays…

Don’t scrimp on the brand, it’s important.

It is said that ‘man’ can’t live on bread alone, but pasta is another story.

I’m not even sure why some think it’s so hard to make a good dish of pasta. …

How would you rate this landscape in terms of sustainability? (Photo by author.)

I dislike using the term sustainable development because it has become so inflated with overuse. We’ve been kicking it around for over half a century now.

The image above shows several landscape layers: in the foreground, a residential property I designed. Beyond that is a farm, which by definition is…

There are many spatial and visual scales in a garden. (Photo by author.)

I am an avid student of landscape ecology, though I specialize in designing residential gardens. Not only does a well-designed landscape enhance the value of the homes they beautify; gardens provide us with a little piece of paradise.

What kind of garden do people want?

The traditional approach to landscape design is based on the principles of…

A writer is a well-nourished witness. Photo by Roam in Color on Unsplash, edited by author.

Everyone who writes has their personal reasons for doing so. This story is directed to those whose writer’s journey is a search for meaning and relevancy.

Like every form of media, books can be written for entertainment or profit.

My writer heroes subscribe to the idea that writing is a…

We treat these back entrances to waterways like toilets. (Photo by author.)

While taking a walk one day, I saw a man dumping his pet’s poop into a storm drain. He said, “You see, I’m being responsible.”

Dude, that drain leads to a stream!

But I supposes this behavior is one notch up from the paint cans that get emptied by people…

Patches and corridors form the architecture of the landscape. (Photo Kristaps Ungurs, Unsplash).

I’d like to introduce you to the awesome field of landscape ecology and tell you why it matters.

It will change the way you look at the world, especially if you are a visual/spatial person.

Landscape ecologists look at physical patterns in the landscape as the infrastructure that supports the…

Renovations on a commercial street in Hudson, NY (photo by author).

I’ve lived in NYC and Milan, Italy. I’ve spent a lot of time in small towns because they fascinate me. I’m still hoping to find one that is close to enough stuff I want to see and people I know to move there.

But I have also lived for many…

Microclimate can be discovered or designed. (All illustrations by author.)

One of the silver linings discovered during the nightmare of COVID-19 has been the extension of outdoor living well past summer, giving birth to many improvised outdoor “rooms.”

When we think of living space in our gardens, we usually imagine pergolas draped with canvas, ceiling fans, full-scale kitchens, and flat-screen…

Mary Adelaide Scipioni

Multi-faceted creative person and currently obscure, passionate writer of novels under the name Mariuccia Milla.

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