It’s Time to Get Real

How would you rate this landscape in terms of sustainability? (Photo by author.)

And How that’s Changing

There are many spatial and visual scales in a garden. (Photo by author.)

What kind of garden do people want?

And how to achieve meaning and relevancy

A writer is a well-nourished witness. Photo by Roam in Color on Unsplash, edited by author.

Our Lives Depend on Protecting Fresh Water

We treat these back entrances to waterways like toilets. (Photo by author.)

Here’s Your Chance

Patches and corridors form the architecture of the landscape. (Photo Kristaps Ungurs, Unsplash).

Think of it as “dynamic habitat.”

Renovations on a commercial street in Hudson, NY (photo by author).

Why the Mama Bear Size Doesn’t Work

Medium cities are doughnuts, with the sprinkles on the outside.

Microclimate by Design

Microclimate can be discovered or designed. (All illustrations by author.)

Through the Looking Glass

We deny what is exceptional is us. (Images Unsplash)

What I’ve Learned and Where To Go from Here

Author’s copy over image by fotografierende (Unspalsh).

Creating a Gallery at Home

A designed wall display using a Clothesline Centered layout. (Illustration by author).

Mary Adelaide Scipioni

Multi-faceted creative person and currently obscure, passionate writer of novels under the name Mariuccia Milla.

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